Why Western men are looking for wives in Ukraine?

The first and main reason is feminism. Women do not want to be women, they don’t want to care for themselves, do not want men to look after them and courtesies are often perceived aggressive. Men want a normal family, children, romance, love and someone to care about and to take care of them. Male United States, Canada, Europe (read the forums, discussions) have long complained that women prefer to spend their free time in bars, but not with the family, they prefer to start thinking about the child when they are about 40 (and often the family too). They immersed are in themselves in and are materialistic.

Why Ukraine Wife ?

Ukrainian women are renowned for the fact that family and children are important to them. They are not feminized, and quietly allow men to take care of them, they can combine work and family, and they are good caring mothers. Ukraine women are renowned for the ability to take care of themselves and dress well, even on a low income. The average girl, according to the men from the West, look like models.
But it's not so much in beauty as in the collective image of women. She is not only beautiful, she is also a good housekeeper, and if we talk about popularity, the world famous not only Russian wives, and Ukrainian wives.
Many men come to the dating sites after they comes across a family where the wife is Ukrainian. They see the love and care the couple has for each other, and it inspires them to find love in Ukraine.

Here are some interesting facts:

- Radio Canada Edmonton, invites the audience to "win a wife" from Ukraine. On the website of the radio station you can see a picture of Ukrainian women in her wedding dress ad offers those trying to "win a wife." The winner will receive flights to Ukraine, 13 paid days in a hotel, $500 in cash and an opportunity to get acquainted with the "beautiful and sexy Ukrainian woman." Such competitions are held not only in Canada.
- In March this year New Zealander has a radio contest called "Win a wife," and received an unusual prize. Ukraine is known for brides, so the New Zealanders, who are looking for a companion, will hold in the country for 12 days under the tutelage of Ukrainian dating agency.
Russia & Ukraina for a foreigner: a cold, vodka and charming brides

On the ‘brides by mail’ market Ukrainian girls are the most wanted. Having hustled away exotic beauties from the South-east and Southern America Slavic girls today are the most desired wives for many lonely men from Europe, the USA, and Australia. What is the secret of such a popularity?

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