What is Ukraine women's upbringing about bed and sex?

"Love came up with Russians, that do not to pay money", can be any number of foreigners sarcastic, but for a real Russian man, sex without love is somehow un-human.
For a Ukrainian wife, sex is not only a mechanical coupling of two bodies. This is a continuation, and top up all our feelings, attitudes, desires, and sentiments expressed in physical intimacy enriches of both partners.

It should be noted that Ukrainian women tend not to show affection in public: kisses and caresses are done in private and personal areas. But that is not related to their "coolness." Just in Ukraine pending loving couples are not kissing in public places and streets. Ukrainian woman in bed are committed to high standards, both for themselves and for their partner. She wants to be a good lover and is waiting for a man with a similar attitude.
Even knowing that is far from an ideal of beauty, Ukrainian believes in his appeal, and she tries to emphasize. She knows how to use what nature endowed her, and not upset about the shortcomings of their appearance.

Good sex and a pleasant evening in the society instead of a beloved job or career; a girl from Ukraine will always find justification for their actions in the name of love. And despite her busy schedule, she always finds time for sex.