Russia for the majority of foreigners is a cold, vodka and beautiful women. Such conclusions were made by the international ticket search service which polled 1000 users on the topic 'What does Russia associate for you with?' According to the results of the polling it turned that 34,3% of respondents first have in mind that it is cold in Russia, to the mind of 28,6% comes Russian vodka and 17% more first mark the attractiveness of Russian women. The fourth place and 11% of votes was shared between snow and Russian ballet. Tops of churches were at the fifth place (8,5%). Among the other variants of answers there were mentioned ushanka-caps, valenki, the Cyrillic script, the Red Square, Russian spies, borsch, and caviar.
But let's get back to the Russian women. Men living in foreign countries created the whole set of stereotypes concerning Russian women. Moreover, these stereotypes can be both positive and quite unpleasant. One of the qualities which they appreciate in Russian women is an art always to help out, an overwhelming ability to compassion. Foreigners often expect that a wife will give support in difficult situations, give a cue for a suitable way out or even solve a problem herself.
Russian women often meet half-way, they are ready to yield if it is needed for a husband or children. This quality is also highly appreciated by foreigners, especially if they had to do with girls for whom their own opinion only and nobody else’s is important.
Another quality of Russian girls whom foreigners happily marry is a desire to have a close-knit family, striving to stability. Western women are often aimed at a carrier and their attitude to the problem of creating a comfortable nest is much more light-minded. A man dreaming of a romantic, tender, faithful and loving wife who will become a perfect mother for his children and at the same time will be able to concern herself with carrier can easily choose a bride from Russia.