Children in life Ukrainian girls

With growing worldwide feminist, Ukrainian wife are beautiful glory, not corrupted by new ideas, intelligent, sociable, obedient, who value family, having children, and loving husbands. She has external beauty as well as internal qualities.
The most important thing for a woman from the Ukraine is to love and be loved, and then self-fulfillment such as career, financial well-being. And, of course, children who without the woman's life has no meaning. Will love, wealth, happiness, but without children would never come.

A Ukrainian is first and foremost a mother. Procreation is the highest value, so laid in the Slavic mentality.

Ukrainian women are women for the family. This is his wife ... child and for them - the happiness they can give yourself and loved her husband. The purpose of the family is to live happily ever after, and die in one day with her husband, surrounded by children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren. Family is the value itself. I married Ukrainian women higher status in society. They, for the sake of the family, the problem is easier to carry the material plane, which may arise from the husband. Ukrainian priorities: first wife, then mother, and only then are the values of professionalism and career. Bed