It is no secret that Ukrainian women are not only beautiful, but they are good housekeepers. At the same time it is believed that these qualities do not entice western men to marry. Of course, if a man, in principle, does not aspire to get married, tasty borscht will never help a woman to become his wife. But if a man wants to have a family, it works. A man can say that it does not matter how a woman cooks, and the most important thing for him is romantic, when he is starving he does not remember about romantic love, because his stomach is empty and needs more than just romantic ideas.
And here in Ukraine, women do have an advantage over European and American, many of whose cooking skills are limited to the ability to put a hamburger in the microwave and making soup using a ready-to-go package. Many Western men who their entire married life having only ate soup cans, where the chicken or mushroom are from artificial flavors; and if in 1 from these 100 cans you will get the smallest mushroom which can be seen in a microscope then consider yourself lucky. Therefore, homemade chicken and mushroom soups from Ukraine will produce a considerable impression on anyone (even someone who is 40 or 50 years old and tried them first.)

> But that's not only culinary abilities. Of course, Ukrainian women do not want to be seen as a chef or a housekeeper. And no culinary skills attract Western men in women from Ukraine, but the fact that men love a care, they see loving and caring wives in girls from Ukraine. In prepared home style cake is not important by itself – you can find tons of them in supermarkets, and there is no practical need to cook them: the important fact here is a woman is caring for him, all her love is just for him, which he had not seen from the western women.