The desire to create a family is one of man's needs. For anyone, it’s not a secret of great importance, that family and marriage leads to the stabilization of cultural and social systems of society.
The role of Ukrainian women in maintaining the family is pivotal and unique. Today's problems, especially in the West, in connection with a woman and her family came from the fact of ignoring the proper place of women in family and society, as well as from the wrong controversial opinions in this regard.

The case Study "Young Family of Ukraine", from the Ukrainian Institute of Social Research, indicates that the scale of human values in the majority of Ukrainian women places a "good family" first (89.8% of respondents). Creating a good family, a girl from Ukraine calls on values such as health, children, love, financial security, sexual harmony, and self-confidence. These values are closely related to family functions.

As for the representations of marital status, Ukrainian’s put child rearing and bearing first (90.3%), the second is to satisfy the needs of love, personal happiness, and a sense of security (74.2%). We should pay attention to the fact that when women chosen from the three listed in the questionnaire of family values (love, children, and daily life), the vast majority of them chose love at 74.7%, and the birth and upbringing of children was considered the most important family value for only 15.5% of respondents.