What is Ukraine women's upbringing about bed and sex?

Insulting and humiliating fact is the common perception among many men is that Ukrainian girls want to meet men for material security. After all, every girl's dream, sooner or later is for a sincere and faithful husband to be with her no matter what, taking her as it is, with all her faults.

British psychologists say with irony that the modern wife and mother should put family needs above personal, keep the house clean, cook, look after children, to be economical and take care of her husband, be a subject of pride among his friends and colleagues, and perform all these duties, even if it works ... No matter how impossible this list seems, it can be described as the ideal hostess for most men.

Her skills at housework are a real talent, which is fully owned by Ukrainian women. The main secret of Ukrainian wife is she is skillfully planning her time. Thanks to this good planning she manages to successfully move up the career ladder, and is well controlled with home chores.
Another feature of a good Ukrainian wife is nothing in the house was not in vain, the money is spent wisely and efficiently, all bought to be used appropriate and economically.