Modern western men stopped considering Slavic brides as cheap housewives or a beautiful accessory for going out.
Another feature of Ukrainian women is more important for them – a more distinct family orientation and not career orientation. Practically every Ukrainian girl who is marrying a foreigner plans to have children within marriage.

Appearance of a future wife are still important for foreign fiancés. Slavic type of beauty is in vogue not on podiums only. ‘When coming to Ukraine western men admit at once how many beautiful girls are here. European and American women have a well-developed sense of property.
It is much better for a man to find a wife for himself in such a way – not just beautiful, but kind, tender, and smart. Her young age is an additional bonus under conditions of concurrence.’ Many western businessmen say that they agreed to have business with Ukraine under conditions of unstable economic situation just because they found their wives here. Export brides work well for the country’s image. Under conditions of crisis it’s a question of crucial importance.

So what does a foreign man expect from a Ukrainian or Russian wife?
1. Youth. Men older than 40-50 search for a wife who is much younger. Marriages with age difference of 10-15 years are very popular. And there is nothing wrong about it.
2. Beauty. Everyone has their own conception of it. For Ukrainian men beautiful girls are those who have slim figures, regular features and a well-cared-for appearance. For many European men all Slavic girls are beautiful.
3. Femininity. That is femininity that attracts men so much. Women in the West always compete with men. They want to prove that they can have a better career and forget that they are women while they ascend it. They recall it sometimes too late, when they can’t bear a child anymore. However, they never recognize their mistakes and try to arrogantly demonstrate that it’s OK with them. Men are tired of it. They want a normal, calm, and modest woman with whom one can create a family fire and be happy.
4. Love. EVERY MAN DREAMS OF IT. Respect, trust, tolerance. It doesn’t fit.
5. Faith, respectability and care. Who is different? If we come across a person who will value, understand, support, and love, we will repay to the full.