It’s a very interesting question: where to find a woman in need (everything can happen in one’s life), for her to understand you and love you as you are, both your merits and weaknesses. To take care of kids properly and keep order in everything. How to find a wife who will apart from everything else be attractive, sexy, as these are constituents of family happiness. Surely, in a dating agency! Let’s try and find out how effective such a way of search for a bride is.

About 20 years ago a term ‘a professional matchmaker’ in Ukraine wasn’t taken seriously. An image of a matchmaker from a satirical magazine amused not less than a possibility to trust somebody such a delicate and intimate thing as a search for a life partner. In the middle of the 90-ies the situation changed and today in Kiev there are about 50 dating agencies, and a demand for services of ‘specialists in the area of personal relationships’ is still growing. Almost in every big city of Ukraine there is a dating agency, and not one. Their clients are young women and men (from 25 to 45) who are successful in all spheres except personal life. We were told about fine points of this business in Kiev’s dating agency

Well, the main ‘fortune’ of any dating agency is a database of brides. Almost for all clients there is a single story characteristic for many modern Ukrainian women. Education, work, not wishing to commit oneself with unnecessary obligations, career perspectives and… futureless loneliness. The main problem of girls who overcame a 30-year-old barrier is where to get acquainted with people who are successful and ready to relationships? In the street? In a restaurant? While standing in a queue of many kilometers? The majority of them have modest demands as to a man of their dreams: kind, well-educated, having no financial problems.

Wishes of male clients can be described in two words: ‘a decent model’. It should be a lady who looks like a model from a glossy zine cover who is enthusiastic about household routines and doesn’t claim for her husband’s wallet.

Have you met many women of a kind? We are sure that you haven’t…

The first and the main rule of a successful search for a wife through a dating agency – be realistic. You will have to find a compromise between beauty and universal traits of your bride. Surely, there are very many attractive women in Ukraine, but far not all of them have the same set of family qualities as you do.

The second rule sounds like ‘don’t be afraid of women’s mercenariness’. All Ukrainian brides want a smart, strong in spirit, and rich man, meaning an alfa. Not a clunker. The one who knows how to court. A period of courtesy is absolutely necessary to answer a question if this man will help her to perform a mission laid on her by God. That’s why there is nothing strange about girls’ mercenariness. When a man comes to our office and asks if there are any beautiful and not mercenariness girls here, we answer: ‘Yes, there is one. And she gave birth to you’. Every woman needs attention, and Ukrainian ones aren’t an exclusion. Be a gentleman, and you’ll be successful.