In Ukraine, the woven pattern of a single bright band of folk costumes, folk songs lyrically are poured down and the spirit of freedom-loving people of the country of the Cossacks. Ukraine is an undiscovered oasis of green tourism, with locks and extremely beautiful nature. Ukraine is rich in unique monuments from their unique history: the Ukrainian Baroque architecture opens you to the churches and monasteries; you will see examples of folk art in the intertwining patterns of Ukrainian Easter eggs and a bright palette of national costumes.
Our country is a country with developed tourism. Every year more than twenty million foreign tourists are coming to Ukraine. This is mainly Eastern Europeans, with a little less arriving from Western Europe, Japan and the United States. Tourist interests in Ukraine are both active forms of leisure, for example, skiing or rock climbing and travel-organized for informative purposes. Such trips are becoming the objects of knowledge to learn about the rich religious and archaeological history of our country.
And it's no secret that Ukraine is a country of the most beautiful women. All those who have been here probably would agree without reservation, so many come here in search of his wife. Men believe that Ukraine will be easier for them to find a girlfriend or wife: more accommodating and Ukrainian women want to marry foreigners because they are better supplied with material. Ukrainian women prefer foreigners because they are more attentive to them, are responsible, are more interested in their opinion, and do not drink as much as Ukrainian men. Belong to the woman as a partner to help educate children.

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