Dnipropetrovsk (former names were Ekaterinoslav, Novorossiysk, Sicheslav) is located on the same latitude as Paris and longitude of Jerusalem, which, according to some locals, initially predetermined his special "metropolitan" mission. Indeed, according to the plan of the city's founder Catherine the future hail was to be "third capital of Russia," Besides, this is very mysterious and almost mystical place, the monastery island.
In the upper rocky, sand in the tail, the island was the site of the century a halt on a complex commercial or military way of the Dnieper. To him during the voyage of the "Vikings to the Greeks", according to legend stopped by such famous historical figures, as Prince Vladimir the Great, Mstislav, princess Olga.
For the first time the island is mentioned in the annals as the most northern point, which came with its mission one of the Disciples of Christ, Andrew. The name given the island was existed here in the 9th century by Byzantine monastery.