The history of Kharkov begins in 1654, it was at this time the city was founded on the high plateau of the watershed of the rivers Kharkov and Lopan. The founder of the city is the mythical Cossack Kharkov. In the years 1919-1934 Kharkiv was the capital of Soviet Ukraine, and later became the third in the Soviet Union after Moscow and Leningrad's scientific and industrial center.
The central street of the city, which has a lot of ancient buildings is Sumskaya. It connects the two main squares of the city: Constitution Square, Tower decorated town hall, and Liberty Square. Near the square, near the entrance to the metro station is "Historical Museum" and inside the building it has a thermometer, near which city residents often meet each other. Going up the street, you can see the Drama Theatre named by T.G.Shevchenko.
Here is located the Kharkov Opera and Ballet Theater and also the "business card" of the city, Mirror stream. The second major area of Kharkiv is Liberty Square which is much more the Red Square in Moscow and is the third largest in the world. Unforgettable impression on the churches in Kharkov. The oldest surviving building is the Cathedral of the Intercession (Pokrovskiy Cathedral), built in 1689, a beautiful monument to Ukrainian architecture of the time. One of the tallest buildings in Odessa is still the bell tower of the Assumption Cathedral (Uspenskiy Cathedral), its height is almost 90 meters.

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