Odessa is one of the most picturesque cities in the country. It was founded by Catherine II in 1794 on the site of the Turkish fortress Hadzhibey captured shortly before the Russian troops. Well- located geographically, Odessa quickly evolved from a small settlement to a commercial, industrial and scientific center of European significance.
Celebrities such as the poet AlexanderPushkin, a biochemist Ilya Mechnikov and singer Leonid Cliffs, lived here at different times. Houses of the old town are built in different architectural styles from Renaissance to Art Nouveau.
A few weeks is not enough to see all the sights of Odessa. But in any case the following are worth a look; the famous Privoz Deribassovskaya, the Odessa Opera and Ballet Theatre (the second most beautiful in Europe) and Potemkin Stairs (the largest in the country), the monuments, "Belt of Glory" at the borderline of the defense of Odessa, a hospital, Primorsky Boulevard and the semicircular area (1826, 1829), with Rishele monument, Palaces of Vorontsov, and Potocki, Naryshkina, Assumption Monastery (Uspenskiy Monastery)(1824) and Theological Seminary and the Old exchange, Odessa Sea Port (the largest on the Black sea)

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